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So, I’ve got an Audi A4.  Got it last December.  I think it’s pretty sweet, I have to admit.  It makes me feel cool, which is way more important than just getting from point A to point B, of course.  If it were all about transportation, I would have just bought a Kia for 1/4 the price.

I was impressed recently by something my local Audi dealer, Sunset Audi/Porsche does.  In one of the Portland suburbs there is a new and popular outdoor mall called Bridgeport Village.  Now, I’m not really a suburban kind of guy, and I have resisted going to places like Bridgeport because I don’t like to associate myself with suburban living and shopping.  But I recently discovered that Sunset offers free valet parking at Bridgeport Village for any Audi or Porsche driver.  So when I had to go recently, I decided to try it out.  And man did I feel cool.  Now, the idea of going to Bridgeport Village ain’t quite so bad. And more importantly, I feel like a VIP when I’m there.

So how did I find out about this in the first place?  It wasn’t through the dealership itself.  It was from another Audi driver who told me how cool it was.  In other words, I found out through word of mouth marketing.  Now I’ve told other people…..like you.

A funny thing happens when you give people something that’s worth talking about…


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