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Upon continuing my journey to expand my marketing and design knowledge, I stumbled across an excellent and successful example of how well word of mouth and viral marketing work.

The small car rental company Nelka, in Costa Rica, was being out-advertised by large international rental companies, making it difficult to rent out their cars to foreign vacationers. They just didn’t have the budget to reach those customers. To fix this they hired JWT San Jose. JWT figured out who Nelka should be speaking to and created a brilliantly successful word of mouth marketing campaign that won the hearts, minds and pocket-books of Costa Rican travelers.

Please take a moment to watch this three minute video to see how they did it and then think about how simple this method could be to apply to your credit union.


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One of the big points that I took away from this week’s Word of Mouth Marketing Association Summit in Las Vegas, is something that I was refreshed to hear emphasized: social media and word of mouth marketing are not one in the same.

To put it simply, social media is a subset of word of mouth marketing–it’s just one of the many components of the entire WOM concept. In other words, there are many other forms of word of mouth marketing, and many of them are offline strategies. The strongest case studies and best practices reviewed at the Summit were ones which, in my opinion, did a good job of integrating offline person-to-person grassroots engagement with online and other social media strategies.

Just like credit union social media pros like Brent Dixon, Trey Reeme and others will tell you, a MySpace page does not a social media strategy make. Similarly, a social media effort is only the beginning of what your thorough bank or credit union’s word of mouth marketing strategy can include.

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Tomorrow, the WOMMA Summit begins in lovely Las Vegas (where we’re looking forward to a brief reprieve from Oregon’s rain). Even if you aren’t attending, you will still have the opportunity to follow what’s going on and watch the presentations.

Check out the email below from WOMMA for more information:



We’re just hours away from day one of the Word of Mouth Marketing Summit. As our guests, you made this event happen, and we’re excited to let the learning and exchange of ideas (and word of mouth) begin.

Tomorrow, the keynotes commence, the brands arrive, and the copious amounts of pastries appear. While we won’t be able to pass the baked goodies onto our friends not in Las Vegas, we would like to extend a special invitation to our guests to invite their colleagues to watch the Marketing Summit general sessions online, completely free. We encourage you to forward this email to your colleagues and friends.

* Simply log on to http://womma.org/livevideo to watch all of our general session presentations.

* The entire general session schedule (in Pacific Standard Time) can be found online at http://womma.org/summit08/agenda.

Again, we’re delighted that you are in Las Vegas. It’s a shame your team isn’t here with us, but we hope they can make it online to watch tomorrow and Friday.

The WOMMA Team

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Just a special word-of-mouth shout-out and thank you to Axl Rose and the gang for [finally] wrapping up their album, Chinese Democracy.

If you hadn’t already heard, Dr. Pepper (in brilliant WOM fashion) threw down a challenge to Guns N’ Roses:  if they could release their album in 2008, then every person in America could get a free Dr. Pepper….except Axl and Buckethead from the band.  Not a bad offer!

And now, it’s Pepper time.  According to the MSNBC Story, interested fans must visit DrPepper.com on Nov. 23, the day “Chinese Democracy” is released in the U.S. After registering online, fans will receive a coupon redeemable for a 20-ounce Dr Pepper wherever the drink is sold.  But, he coupon is available for only 24 hours and will expire on Feb. 28, 2009.  So download fast–I’m gonna go mark my calendar right now.

(See our related post from April 2008 at The Story: Dr. Pepper’s PR non-traditional marketing mashup

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