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word of mouth marketing is consumer-to-consumerI want to see some job postings out there, offering positions at community banks and credit unions–not as a sign of our industry’s stability, but as a sign of a new way of thinking. These job postings will have a new kind of job description: no B2B or B2C experience required. In fact, none wanted.

Why? Because there’s an entirely different type of experience this new position requires: C2C.

C2C is consumer-to-consumer…also known as word of mouth. And it’s a completely different skill set. Instead of asking the traditional B2B/B2C question “how can we persuade the buyer to engage with us,” C2C asks, “how can we get the consumers to engage with each other…and give them something to talk about.”

So get that job posting out there. Put it on craigslist. Put it on industry job boards. Or better yet, take this opportunity to practice what you’re hiring someone to do. Ask yourself, “what would make candidates want to talk to each other about this job?”


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